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Making Time

The gym and I have not been as good a friends this year as we have been in the past. By the time I’m done with work and school for the day I’m so tired that I’ve been letting my … Continue reading

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Knowing When to Stop

Not everything goes according to plan. Few people would disagree with that statement, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy to deal with! Planning out your day in advance is an essential part to having great time management skills, but … Continue reading

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Organizing Your Life

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve perfectly planned out your afternoon to finish several pressing tasks. As you sit down to work, you’re feeling extremely proud of your time management skills. Nothing is going to stop you today! Then, … Continue reading

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When Perfection is a Waste of Time

Even those of us who don’t label ourselves a “perfectionist” have our moments of obsession with getting something just right. We generally think that being a perfectionist is an admirable quality. However, in The Time Diet, it can also lead … Continue reading

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The Consequence of Nothing

When we fail to make time for our own projects, a terrible thing happens: Nothing. It’s one thing to find time to work on projects or assignments that are essential. If you don’t finish a project for work, your boss … Continue reading

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