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How Many Hats Have You Worn Today?

If you feel as though you’re expected to be multiple different people during the day and fill many different roles, you’re not alone. Most of us wear many different hats in our lives and it is a real challenge to … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears from Plan to Do

Careful planners are often good time managers. They look before they leap, they aim before they fire, and they research before they implement. However, good ideas can easily stall out in the planning phase if we don’t eventually change gears … Continue reading

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Fear of a Blank Page: Conquering Writer’s Block

Scorpions, heights, blank Microsoft Word screens. Those three things terrify me about equally as much. We’ve all suffered from writer’s block at some point or another. Whether it is a paper for a class, a report for a boss, or … Continue reading

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Fluff is for Bunnies, Not for Email

Efficient communication is an essential component of time management. However, sometimes we pad our communications with so much “fluff” that the main point is lost or hard to find.  This wastes both our time and the reader’s time. We have … Continue reading

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