The Time Diet: Digestible Time Management from Author and Speaker Emily Schwartz

Time Management Speaker Emily R Schwartz


The Time Diet is a digestible approach to time management helping people manage all of the tasks on their plates while maintaining balance in their day. Through energizing time management seminars, practical books, and her popular Time Diet blog, Emily Schwartz offers time management strategies that stress the importance of simplicity, balance, and focus. No complex calendar systems. No impractical priority levels. Just an easy-to-follow system delivered with clarity, energy, and a touch of humor for results that last.


Bring The Time Diet to your organization today. Fill out this booking inquiry form and find out how Emily Schwartz can help your audience stay ahead of their schedules and eliminate wasted time in their day.
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3 Responses to The Time Diet: Digestible Time Management from Author and Speaker Emily Schwartz

  1. Turner Wise says:

    Thank you for your contribution through form of seminar this weekend at the NAFME conference in Portland, Oregon! I specifically have needed to hone my skills in the area of time management; this seminar was really applicable and motivational. Furthermore, I hope to continue to learn from others’ mistakes rather than not filling out those “dreaded festival forms” on time, but sometimes the amount of mistakes can be overwhelmingly great. Your ten steps presented were memorable and I can’t wait to practice them in my everyday life to see the impact they have on myself, my wife, and my ensemble. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Phil Rosenkrantz says:

    Thanks, Emily, for speaking at Cal Poly Pomona today. All three sessions were well attended and the students and faculty enjoyed your energized presentation. It was very helpful. All the students I talked to said they really enjoyed your presentation!!!

  3. Nick Howard says:

    Every music teacher should see Emily’ presentation! I left her session at ILMEA and was definitely inspired.

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