Time Management Seminars for Students

As both an experienced teacher, and a high-achieving student through 3 college degrees, Emily knows first hand the demands students face. Poor time management skills are a huge reason students sometimes fail to meet their academic potential. Her time management seminar, “Time Management for Student Survival” is available for students of all ages (including college, high school, and junior high) in the Phoenix area, as well across the country.

 Time Management for Student Survival

Don’t let poor time management skills hold you back from meeting your academic potential. This engaging and helpful presentation will help students meet their deadlines, stay focused while working, and lower their stress. 
Topics include:

  • Avoiding Procrastination
  • Keeping a Calendar
  • Eliminating Time Killers
  • Balancing Your Priorities
  • The Importance of Goal Setting

Check out this clip from a recent student presentation!

“It made me want to clean out my backpack!” “Emily made me feel better about passing my finals next week!”

Eric and Ruby
Students at AAEC High School, South Mountain
Phoenix, Arizona

“The Time Diet is a clever and inspiring approach that will help anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or just needs some new tips on how to manage their time.  The timing of the session was perfect, in that the students were feeling overwhelmed with their end-of-the-year academic responsibilities and I think you really provided them with some useful strategies.”

Jill Sullivan, Ph.D.  
Associate Professor, Instrumental Music Education 
Arizona State University

“Emily Schwartz is an engaging and inspiring speaker. The Time Diet is an extremely useful presentation that helps prepare students for the time demands of college. I wish that all students were able to hear her present so that they could have the time management tools to make them successful students.”

Judy Reno
College Depot Director
Phoenix Public Library

Email Emily to set up your seminar today! Emily@TheTimeDiet.org

One Response to Time Management Seminars for Students

  1. Patrick Ojeme says:

    Dear Prof. Emily. You are not only an engaging and inspiring speaker , I also see you as a professional teacher and a helper.

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