Time Management Trainings for Businesses

Emily Schwartz’s time management trainings are available in Phoenix as well as around the country. All presentations are customizable and available as a 1-hour training, half-day workshop, or full-day workshop. Contact Emily@TheTimeDiet.org for more information.

Time Management for the Rest of Us
Many of us wear multiple hats during our workday. We are the accountants and the marketers. The technology guru and the sales associate. We are moms, dads, friends, coaches, cooks, and chauffeurs. We don’t have a huge team to help us delegate. We’re trying to do it all and it’s not working. Participants will learn effective strategies to juggle all of the responsibilities on their plates so they use their time more efficiently and increase their productivity while decreasing the stress of being “pulled in all directions.”

How to Speak so People Will Buy

You may only get one chance to make that sales pitch or donation request. Maximize your time and make it a great one! Stop presenting your A+ business with B- speaking skills. Learn easy strategies to strengthen your pitch and make people leap for their wallets. (Based on the book How To Speak so People Will Buy)

How Priority Paralysis is Slowing Your Business
Traditional time management advice tells us to “prioritize” and do the most important thing first. But what happens when everything on your list is important? Participants will learn how to categorize their tasks before they attempt to prioritize them to craft a balanced schedule that leaves them feeling productive, rather than worn out and stressed.

How to Avoid Multitasking in a World That Demands It
In today’s busy world, if you’re only doing one thing, it seems you simply aren’t doing enough. However, we try to do everything at the same time, we end up accomplishing nothing. Participants will learn how to juggle multiple projects at once while narrowing their focus to one specific priority at a time.

Taming the Email Monster
We spent hours upon hours each week answering a seemingly unending stream of emails. Learn how to spend less time in your inbox and more time on the rest of the tasks on your list.

Beating the Cycle of Stress
Stress takes its toll on many busy professionals who struggle to keep up the demands of their hectic schedule. They want to do something about this stress, but there seems to be no time…which stresses them out! Participants will learn how to break this cycle of stress and reclaim their energy and motivation through stress and time management techniques that are easy habits to form.

Check out a clip of “Time Management for the Rest of Us”

“Since your presentation, my entire team is speaking in terms of Meats, Vegetables, and Desserts. I particularly liked the way you presented The Time Diet according to our company and the demands we have upon us here and now. Bravo, Emily Schwartz. Bravo!” Read the whole testimonial: Time Management Business Training Phoenix

Carol Navarro, Operations Manager
Music Celebrations International, Tempe AZ
Attended “Time Management for the Rest of Us” Business Training

“Thank you for a very practical presentation on time management. I have attended seminars like yours before, but yours was the most impacting. Your analogies and down to earth humor were very refreshing.”

 Eric Clark  Director, Coach Training and Delivery
The First Tee, Las Vegas
Attended “Time Management for the Rest of Us”

Contact Emily today to set up your training: Emily@TheTimeDiet.org

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