Professional Development Trainings for Teachers

With a background in education, and teaching experience in Kindergarten through College, Emily Schwartz knows the time management demands teachers face. Her professional development workshops for teachers are offered in Phoenix and across the country. All presentations are available as a 1-hour keynote for school district meetings, professional development workshop for staff meetings and in-services, or as a hands-on breakout session. for more information

Time Management for Teachers
A must for teachers who are sick of scrambling to find a few non-teaching moments in their day to finish all the other work their job requires. Learn strategies to fit all of your growing responsibilities – including assessment, parent communication, and school committee work- into a shorter amount of time so you take less work home with you.

Moving From Burned Out to Fired Up
As we are asked to do more and more with less and less, the potential for teacher burnout is rising. Learn strategies and habits that will help you remember why you committed to education in the first place and renew your passion for the profession.

Inspiring Creativity
Most teachers would agree that they want their students to be creative thinkers, but this seems difficult to achieve in our current culture of multiple choice assessment. An expert on creativity and motivational theory, Emily Schwartz shares strategies for inspiring creativity in students through meaningful educational experiences.

Check out a video sample of “Time Management for Teachers” (this one was specifically for music teachers)

Email Emily to set up your training today!

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