Working From Home Time Management Seminars

Working from home is difficult. Your friends wonder what you do all day, and why you can’t pick up their kids from school at 3:00. You’re looking for a few simple strategies to reign in your obligations and make it feel as though you have a life again. This seminar is for you.

Working From Home: Time Management Strategies

Whether you run your own home-based business, are a stay-at-home parent, or occasionally telecommute to work, this seminar is for you. Working from home quickly becomes a 24/7 job as your personal and work life start to blur together. Learn how to avoid distractions, get your work done faster, and keep cabin fever at bay while dealing with the unique demands of being your own boss.

Topics Include:

Getting Organized

Avoiding Time Killers

Addressing the work/home blur

Staying Motivated

Keeping Cabin Fever at bay…and much more!

Email to bring this seminar to your community organization.


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