School School

Being both a teacher and a student can be a little confusing. I have to refer to being a teacher as “work school” and being a student as “school school” so people know which kind of “school” I’m talking about!

Well, “school school” started up this week at ASU. I’m so excited for this semester. The classes I’m taking are really interesting and I want to do well in them, not just for the grade, but because I really want to master this stuff! The problem is that this is probably going to be my toughest academic semester yet. Whew. Here we go again!

I think to manage the work load I’m going to need to add another Time Bucket to my list. Time Buckets are chunks of time in your schedule that you put different tasks in. For example, any homework I do goes in my evening “Homework Time Bucket.” Usually I come home from work and relax a little bit before dinnertime on the nights I don’t have class. This semester, I think I need to add another Homework Time Bucket here to put work in. If I take my laptop to work, and stay another 1-2 hours past my contracted time, I could get some extra homework time in and not feel so stressed in the later evening hours. The only problem is that I know how exhausted I usually am after a full day of teaching and I can’t wait to get home. We’ll see how this new plan works. It might have to also include an occasional coffee from Starbucks!

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