In Defense of Procrastination

We’ve always been told that procrastination is something that should be avoided. Our teachers and parents always said things like “never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.” This is wise advice, however, sometimes a little bit of well-managed procrastination can do wonders for our stress levels.

I saw last week’s holiday weekend as a great chance to get ahead on my work. “Just think! A whole extra day to get caught up on all my class reading and homework!” On Saturday and Sunday I did so well, knocking tasks out one by one. The house was finally clean! My assigned reading was almost finished! When Monday evening rolled around, I still had a few things left on my “choose-to” list when I realized TBS was having a marathon of The Office. I love this show. Looking over my list, I realized that there was nothing on there that couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I had worked so hard all weekend so I put my computer away, curled up on the couch and watched about three hours of The Office and it was worth every minute.

The Time Diet is based on the philosophy that we choose how to spend every minute of every day. If you usually control your time well, it’s ok to give in to procrastination every once in a while, just like it’s ok for a healthy eater to splurge on a giant piece of chocolate cake sometimes. It’s all about having control. Procrastination is a bad thing when it becomes a way of life. Habitual procrastinators aren’t in control of their own time and rely on being up against a deadline to get their work done. Do not make putting off work a habit, but a little bit of well-controlled procrastination can be good for you once in a while. I think Michael Scott would agree with me.

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