Three Ways to Unlock the Power of Mondays

time management mondayAh…. Monday. We dread it over the weekend, but when it arrives it can be a huge time management asset. We are recharged from two days off, and haven’t become frustrated by a busy week quite yet. Here are three ways to make the most of your Mondays.

1. Do your most important thing

What are your highest priorities for the week? Try scheduling them on Mondays. Early in the week, you have less chance of a last minute task derailing your plan and you can capitalize on what little focus you have before mid-week burnout sets in.

2. Don’t schedule meetings

Monday meetings sound like a good idea to make sure everyone is on the same page before beginning the work week, but they eat up valuable focus time you can be using elsewhere. Try using Mondays for your priorities and schedule your planning meetings later in the week.

3. Get up early

It may be difficult to drag yourself out of bed on a Monday, but you’ll feel even less like getting up early after a few exhausting days of work. Take advantage of your two prior days of relaxation and set your alarm clock earlier to maximize your Monday productivity. Get the week started off on the right foot.

All three of these tips assume that you’ve taken at least a little time over your weekend to enjoy yourself and unwind. Make sure you enjoy a few “desserts” on your off days to keep you Time Diet balanced!

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