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Emily Schwartz, PhD is a speaker, author, and educator dedicated to eliminating wasted time and streamlining efficient communication with The Time Diet her more “digestible” approach to time management. In The Time Diet, everything you do is either a Meat (difficult) Vegetable, (easy) or Dessert (fun.) Emily teaches people to plan a balanced diet of these things each day to increase productivity and maintain a low stress level.

Emily Schwartz College SpeakerEmily has a unique combination of K-12, University, and corporate teaching experience and draws from doctoral research in motivation and success attributions. She also enjoys using her communication skills to coach others on their public speaking skills in front of both small and large audiences. Emily holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California, as well as a master’s and Ph.D. from Arizona State University.

Previous Media Appearances:Sonoran Living

Emily has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, Arizona 3TV, as well as numerous panel discussions.

Publications: (All available on

The Time Diet: Time Management for College Survival

The Time Diet: Digestible Time Management

How to Speak to People Will Buy

Life in Cut Time: Time Management for Music Teachers

Contact Information:

(480) 269-7634

Official Promo Video

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