Time Management Book for Music Teachers

Now Available! Emily’s latest book: “Life in Cut Time: Time Management for Music Teachers.” Get it on Amazon.com for $12.99

“One of the most influential and useful books I have read in my career.”
-Jordan Kinsey, Music Educators Journal


Life in Cut Time is a perfect blend of practical time management solutions and inspirational teaching wisdom that extends far beyond the classroom door. Filled with field-tested strategies and humorous anecdotes, this easy-read is a must-have for all music educators.

Don’t let meetings, paperwork, student discipline, and all of the extra “stuff” that comes with teaching drain your time and energy. Learn how to

Adhere to the 5 Minute Rule
Make meetings worth your while
Maximize your prep time
Deal with unexpected interruptions
Create and use a Slow Day List
Get rid of Time Killers
Assign start dates to your deadlines
Manage your motivation…and much more!

Check out the 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

5 star reviews life in cut time

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