What is The Time Diet? 

The Time Diet is a system of time management that is a bit more…digestible than most. It is based on the concept of “everything in moderation.” Everything you do during the day belongs to one of three time management food groups:

1. Meats

These are your difficult tasks that take a lot of thinking.


These tasks are still important, but are easier to complete than your meats. They don’t require as much energy or thinking.

3. Desserts 

These are your fun, enjoyable tasks. Desserts are your hobbies, time spent with friends and family, or just taking a moment to relax!

The trick to having great time management skills is choosing a “balanced diet” of these tasks each day. When we try to base our time management simply on prioritization, we end up overwhelmed trying to tackle too much difficult work at once. This is why we must categorize before we prioritize!

Want to learn more? Check out The Time Diet blog, time management books, or meet founder Emily Schwartz at an upcoming time management workshop in your area!

Who is Emily Schwartz? Founder of The Time Diet, Emily is a dynamic speaker and educator dedicated to helping people find simple strategies to manage their time. Emily’s advice comes from years of managing a rigorous academic schedule through three college degrees while balancing a teaching job and starting her own business. Her energetic presentation style not only educates but also inspires. Emily has been a featured speaker for campus groups, business trainings, private clubs and state conferences. She is the author of two time management books as well as The Time Diet blog that has been praised for its practicality, inspiration, and unique style.

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