Time Management Book for College Students

Looking for a great graduation gift? Or college textbook? Why not the perfect time management book for any college student?

Check out Emily’s 5-star book, “The Time Diet: Time Management for College Survival” available now on Amazon.com! The perfect, practical and affordable gift for the student in your life. Makes a great graduation present! Just click the link below to purchase.

Time Management for College Survival

Description: “It takes so much more than brains to succeed in today’s college environment. Even the smartest students can crumble under the burden of a hectic schedule and pressing deadlines. Excellent time management skills are essential to college success.

The Time Diet helps students lead productive, stress-free college lives by helping them classify their activities into “food groups” and choose a “balanced diet” of tasks each day. Using this approach, students will learn how to fight procrastination, keep an organized calendar, stay on top of deadlines, increase motivation, defeat Time Killers, and much more!”

Retail Price: $11.99 (For bulk textbook orders, please email Emily@TheTimeDiet.org)

Check out the 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

5 star reviews time management for students

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