“This presentation is exactly what I needed. Thank you!! I cannot wait to read your blog every Monday.”

Sabrina Mesa
Mayesh Wholesale

“Since your presentation, my entire team is speaking in terms of Meats, Vegetables, and Desserts. I particularly liked the way you presented The Time Diet according to our company and the demands we have upon us here and now. Bravo, Emily Schwartz. Bravo!”

Read the whole testimonial: Time Management Business Training Phoenix

Carol Navarro, Operations Manager
Music Celebrations International
Attended “Time Management for the Rest of Us” Business Training

“Thank you for a very practical presentation on time management. I have attended seminars like yours before, but yours was the most impacting. Your analogies and down to earth humor were very refreshing.”

 Eric Clark  Director, Coach Training and Delivery
The First Tee, Las Vegas
Attended “Time Management for the Rest of Us”

“You made me want to organize my backpack” “Emily made me feel better about passing my finals next week! I feel like have the power in my life!”

Eric and Ruby
Students at AAEC High School, South Mountain
Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you so much for speaking at our 7th annual Family College Night. You truly helped to make our night a success!  Your session  was informative and helpful to not only our students, but also our parents, counselors, and teachers. I have no doubt that your book, The Time Diet: Time Management for College Survival will be utilized frequently by our counselors to help students. “

Jennifer Wilhelmy, Guidance Counselor 
Notre Dame Preparatory High School, Scottsdale, AZ.

“The Time Diet workshop was a big success at Copper Ridge School.  Emily was able to relate to our students with tips they’ll remember and use.  Time management is a skill that takes practice and focus, Emily gave the kids tools that are simple but powerful.”

 Karen Egan, Parent
Attended ‘Time Management for Student Survival”

“The Time Diet is a clever and inspiring approach that will help anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or just needs some new tips on how to manage their time.  The timing of the session was perfect, in that the students were feeling overwhelmed with their end-of-the-year academic responsibilities and I think you really provided them with some useful strategies.   I think The Time Diet strategies are applicable to any profession or anyone who needs some reminders about how to budget their time.”

Jill Sullivan, Ph.D.
Chair, Music Education/Therapy
Associate Professor, Instrumental Music Education
School of Music, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Arizona State University

“Emily Schwartz is an engaging and inspiring speaker. The Time Diet is an extremely useful presentation that helps prepare students for the time demands of college. I wish that all students were able to hear her present so that they could have the time management tools to make them successful students.”

Judy Reno
College Depot Director
Phoenix Public Library

“Great speaker! You really reinforced my train of thought.”

Mark Sasser
Real Estate Agent
Anthem, Arizona

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. The timing of your “great training” blog couldn’t be better. I recently took on a volunteer coordinator role at a local hospital and am scheduled to train a new hire in an area I’m not entirely familiar with. Was admittedly stressing over our upcoming meeting, but after noting your tips I feel confident I can consolidate our labyrinth process into a more concise format. Thank you so much!!

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