My company’s time is valuable. Why is a time management training worth an hour or more of my employee’s workday?

The American Stress Institute estimates that 13.4 million workdays were lost last year due to stress caused by, among other things, poor time management skills. 48% of workers report that they are being asked to cover more responsibilities in less time. An engaging, practical, and inspiring training can help people reclaim that lost time in their workday. In short, how much money and time is it already costing you to not have a time management training?

I need a keynote or workshop presentation for a conference I’m planning. Do you do conference presentations?

Absolutely. I’m available for keynote presentations, break-out sessions, workshops, panel discussions, etc…I’m based in Phoenix, but I’ve spoken at conventions all around the country. Contact me today and let’s talk further about how I can enhance your conference Emily@TheTimeDiet.org

Why don’t you list prices on your website?

I don’t operate from a “one size fits all” mentality. Each workshop or keynote is customized to the client’s needs. Please email me at Emily@TheTimeDiet.org or call me (480) 269-7634 to discuss your needs and how I can best meet them. I have solutions available for most every budget.

I want a workshop or keynote, but I don’t think we can afford it right now. What do we do?

Contact me and let’s talk! There are many options to explore including finding sponsorship or collaborating with another institution.

Why Dr. Emily Schwartz?

I have strong background in education and motivation theory. This means that not only is the content practical, but I’m skilled in ways to deliver that content so audiences remember it and are motivated to apply it. Do you remember struggling through a subject in school until that one teacher finally explained it in a way that made sense? I am that teacher.

Do you just use your speeches to sell products?

No. My trainings are not commercial and I do not “sell from the stage.” Yes, I have several books and productivity products. Yes, I think they are extremely helpful and it would be lovely if you’d like to purchase them. No, I do not spend the whole hour talking about how my strategies only work if you buy my book.

I see you speak to both student and adult audiences. Do you give the same presentation to both groups?

Goodness no! While the basic principles are the same, my student and business presentations are very different. I tailor my workshops and keynotes to whichever audience I am speaking to and participants leave with relevant, practical strategies they can use immediately. But don’t take my word for it, read some testimonials here.

I want to know how to be a better public speaker! Can you help me?

Yes! I offer in-person and over-the-phone public speaking coaching. Find out more here.

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