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Emily Schwartz: Your Phoenix Public Speaking Coach!

Whenever you speak in public, you are selling something. It could be a product, or simply a message you want your audience to take away. Whether or not your audience “buys” your speech is all up to your presentation skills and avoiding these 5 Common Presentation Mistakes. If you are a student, teacher, or business professional, start presenting more effectively with a public speaking coach.   Whether you want weekly coaching sessions, or just a little extra help on one important presentation you have coming up, I can help. Email me today, to set up a free consultation. (Not in Phoenix? That’s OK! I offer video conference coaching as well)


What is Public Speaking Coaching?
Public Speaking Coaching helps you refine your public speaking skills as well as your content delivery method. Learn how to confidently present a clear and engaging message that your audience will remember.

Why do I need a Public Speaking Coach?
Authors hire editors to make sure their message comes across clearly on the written page. Speakers need presentation coaches to make sure they are delivering a confident and clear message. Would you take a book seriously that was riddled with typos and rambling sentences? No. Likewise, if you want people to listen to your message, it needs to be clear and confident or you’re wasting your time.

I’m a great speaker, do I still need Public Speaking Coaching?
I’ve seen many confident speakers give terrible presentations. This is usually because they are trying to squeeze too much information into a short amount of time, have ineffective visuals and no clear talking points. Having the ability to speak confidently is half the battle. Public Speaking Coaching also helps you refine your content so it is both memorable and comprehensible.

I get stage fright. Can you help me?
Yes! Don’t let nerves hold you back from being a great speaker. Public Speaking Coaching helps you overcome your fear of public speaking and harness your confidence. Most people feel a little nervous or anxious before a speech, but I give you strategies to cope with that anxiety. Your audience will never know you hate speaking!

Why Emily Schwartz?
I am an award winning speaker and educator with extensive experience teaching everyone from kindergarteners to executives. This means I am skilled at breaking concepts down into comprehensible pieces and giving feedback that is helpful, meaningful and transferable.

How much does it cost?
Because coaching is a customized endeavor, price packages vary based on your needs. Coaching ranges from $100-$150 an hour based on how frequently we meet and what you’re looking to accomplish. Services range from group student coaching, to individual executive coaching for an upcoming conference presentation.  Email me at for more information.

Where do we meet?
I offer personalized, in-person coaching to the greater Phoenix area. For those in other parts of the country, I offer video conferencing. I am also available for training seminars, keynotes, and workshops.

What kinds of presentations do you specialize in?

-Academic Conference Presentations


-Sales Presentations

-Marketing Pitches

-College interviews and scholarship presentations

Please contact me today with any questions and to schedule your free consultation. In the mean time, check out this article: 5 Common Presentation Mistakes

Photo Credit: Salvatore Vuono

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