My Productivity Bracket

Have you filled out your bracket yet? Basketball? No. I’m talking about your productivity bracket.

We all know what it feels like to be pulled in a million different directions. When we accomplish work, it didn’t just…”happen.” It beat out many other priorities that day. This bracket is a tribute to the countless  time management battles we all fight each day. What tasks would you add to your bracket?

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2 thoughts on “My Productivity Bracket

  1. Please add an explanation to explain how this productivity bracket works? It looks like a lot of lines and words to me, I don’t really understand how it works! Much thanks.

    • Sure Dina! It works just like a sports bracket that shows which “teams” have won or lost. (Or in this case, which of two tasks we decided to do.) You read it from the outsides in. For example, in the top left, the bracket says that we had to pick between “cleaning the bathroom” and “Facebook” and we chose to do “Facebook.” Then underneath that, we had to choose between “vacuuming” and “laundry” and we chose “laundry.” Then we had to choose between between the “winners” of both of those decisions, and when given the choice between “Facebook” and “laundry” we chose “laundry.” The whole thing is basically a tribute to the hundreds of decisions like this we make each day 🙂

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